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Draught - Dry Brewing Yeast 500G

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Draught - Dry Brewing Yeast 500G

Product Description

Pitching rate: 50-100 g/hL

Fermentation Temperature 13-22C (55-72F)

Biomass growth rate: High

Fermentation rate: Fast

Attention: High

Alcohol tolerance: 9.0% abv

Flocculation / sedimentation: Heavily flocculent / Very good sedimentation

Foam stability: Excellent

POF character: Negative

Diacetyl production: Low

Aromatic contribution: At high temperature, with high gravity wort, Mauribrew Draught enhances fruity character of the beer. At low temperature Mauribrew Draught produces a clean finish with a low ester profile. Mauribrew Draught is popular for its versatility thus can be used for many different beer styles eg. French ales, English milds, Belgian blondes. It sediments heavily and makes very bright products thus is adapted to cask conditioning. 

Mauribrew strains have been selected, propagated, dried and packed in compliance with good manufacturing practices.

Ingredients:  yeast, water, emulsifier (E491); GMO free. This yeast is by nature gluten-free.

Typical Analysis at packaging:
% dry weight > 92.5%
Viable Yeast Count (cfu/g) > 5.0E+09
Non Saccharomyces spp. (cfu/g) <1.0E+03
Lactic Acid Bacteria (cfu/g) < 5.0E+03

Shelf life: Three years from production date.

Storage conditions: Product should be stored under dry conditions, ideally at 4-10C (39-50F). Vacuum package is hard until the seal is broken; once broken, yeast should be used immediately to avoid activity loss. Opened packs/sachets must be sealed and stored at 4C (39F) and used within five days.

Pitching Rate: The pitching varies with original gravity of the wort as well as brewing conditions. We advise to inoculate a minimum 5.0E+05 viable cells per mL per Plato. 500g Active Dry Brewing Yeast pitched into 500 liters of wort results in a yeast density of 5 to 10 million viable cells per millilitre.

Rehydration of Mauribrew Active Dry Brewing Yeast:

  1. Prepare the rehydration medium:
    sterile wort (<5 Plato) or sterile water (do not use demineralized water)
    10 times the weight of yeast: 5 liters for a 500g package
    38C (100F) is optimal, never lower than 32C (90F), Never higher than 40C (104F)
  2. Open the 500g package with sterile scissors. Sprinkle on surface gently to avoid clumping.
  3. Gently stir then leave for 15-20  minutes. A slow rehydration allows yeast membranes to reform.
  4. Never subject the yeast to temperature shock: adjust the temperature of the rehydrated yeast to within 5C (9F) of the wort to inoculated by adding wort.
  5. Gently stir and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Stir well and pour into the wort to start fermentation. Use the rehydrated yeast within 30 minutes of rehydration.

Mauribrew high quality Active Dry Brewing Yeast is comparable in its performance to liquid yeast. Furthermore it is a practical, consistent and cost effective option.

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