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Hops Help Fight Cancer

Hops Help Fight Cancer

New research from Oregon State University shows that a compound in hops may help fight cancer-causing cells.

Xanthohumol (XN), which adds to the flavor and bitterness in hops, was discovered to contain two components that assist in fighting cancer. The research from OSU shows that two byproducts in XN will be fantastic options for future testing as cancer-fighting treatments.

Multiple studies have demonstrated other health benefits of hops, including:

  1. Reduced breast cancer risk
  2. Assisting weight loss
  3. Lowered inflammation
  4. Lowered bad cholesterol
  5. Improved heart health
  6. Controlling blood sugar

So, who’s ready to go grab a beer? Or better yet, brew your own beer! Home brewing is an excellent way to control the type and amount of hops in your beer. Check out our home brewing kits here.

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