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Label Peelers' Recipe of the Month

Label Peelers' Recipe of the Month

Label Peelers Recipe of the Month Contest

Do you have an amazing beer recipe at home that you want to share with the world? Do you have what it takes to be our next Label Peelers' Recipe of the Month winner? Are you asking, "What is the Label Peelers' Beer of the Month" all about? We're going to tell you. Read on.

You spend hours fine-tuning your recipes, searching for the right balance, and the best ingredients. You toil away, sometimes alone or sometimes with a few of your buddies, waiting patiently for your latest pilsner or stout to finish. After all of the hard work, you want to share your beer with your friends and family. Now, Label Peelers wants to share your recipe with the Label Peelers community by rewarding your hard work with the Label Peelers' Recipe of the Month Award.

How To Enter

  1. Have a 5 gallon beer recipe
  2. Name your recipe
  3. Submit your recipe via email to contest@labelpeelers.com.
  4. Please copy and paste or type in your recipe in the email body, no text file attachments.
  5. Please include any images of your beer and especially you enjoying it!
  6. Must enter by May 30th 2017
  7. Submit (1) One recipe per month.

What Do You Win?

  1. You get 10% of the sales of your kit for the life of us selling it.**
  2. You get a free kit of your recipe
  3. A $50 gift certificate
  4. A Label Peelers' T-shirt
  5. Bragging rights amongst your peers
  6. Your award winning recipe will be sold as a beer kit on our online store and in our brick and mortar with your name prominently placed on the beer kit box!

** To receive payment you are required to sign up for a Label Peelers' affiliate account and have a Paypal account. We will help you get all setup if you win. You will receive quarterly payments. You will also be able to sign into your affiliate account and see how many of your kit is selling and what your upcoming payment will be.

We at Label Peelers love homebrewing, that's why we carry the best homebrew products at the lowest prices. We also love our customers. So, we're going to highlight you, the people who continue to work with us to bring you the best homebrewing ingredients.