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New Products for April!

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We're always looking for new winemaking and homebrew products that will elevate your beers and wines to a new level. We're on the hunt for hops, malts, and equipment. Here's a list of new products for April that we can stand behind.


Our fruit purees are sterile, seedless, and should not be boiled. You can add these to your primary or secondary fermentation depending on what the recipe calls for.

Vintner's Harvest Mango Puree (49 oz.)
Sweet, slightly acid. Typical of cooked mango, product is free of rancid, stale, bitter, musty, and objectionable flavors.

Vintner's Harvest Passion Fruit Puree (49 oz.)
Passion fruit has a unique tart, and sweet flavor.

Swaen Malts

Swaen Vienna - has sufficient enzymatic activity to be used in combination with a large proportion of specialty malts. Adds subtle aromas of toffee.

Available in 1lb10lb, and 55lb

Swaen Sauer - Platinum Swaen© Sauer is a barley malt acidified with lactobacilli for the pH reduction of the mash. Creates an improvement in the action of hydrolytic enzymes and also offers advantages in brewing water with low residual alkalinity.

Available in 1lb10lb, and 55lb


We were able to get a handful of El Dorado Hop Hash so grab it up while we still have it in stock!

As whole cone hops are processed into pellets, a small amount of lupulin collects on the screens as they pass through toward the pellet die. Previously lost in production, we now have deliciously dank hop hash. Hop hash is recommended as a late whrilpool addition, just before knock out to fully capture the hop aromatics. Bright tropical fruit flavors with aromas of pear, watermelon and stone fruit.

Alpha Acid: 25.7%

Beta Acid: 10.7%

Total Oils: 4.5%

Ingredient Kits

Summer Helles Bock Ingredient Kit
Deep gold in color with a thick, creamy head and nice clarity from lagering. The rich malty flavor and aromas dominate the palate with a moderate hop bitterness that provides balance. This brew finishes crisp and clean.

ABV: 6% - 6.5%

IBUs: 21 - 25

Latewood Oak'd IPA Ingredient Kit

Latewood IPA is an American style IPA that combines the woody, earthy character of Cluster hops with vanilla and wood tones of American White Oak to create a distinct IPA flavor. Plenty of up-front hop character, typical of IPAs, and finishing with a slight residual sweetness. Enjoy this brew young for big, bold flavors or age slightly for more subtle flavors.

ABV: 5.5% - 6.3%

IBUs: 61 - 65