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What do I need to start brewing my own beer? Essential Homebrewing Equipment!

You've had a few homebrews with your buddies and want to start making your own but you don't know where to begin. Thankfully, Label Peelers have compiled an essential homebrewing supply list for beginners. We all start somewhere, and these are the items you'll need to start brewing your first batch of beer.

We do offer pre-made beer making equipment kits, but this handy list will allow you to build your own kit should you want to upgrade or customize your order.

Essential Homebrew Supplies

  • 4+ Gallon Brew Pot - We prefer stainless steel - they clean up easily and tend to scorch less due to even heat distribution. If you want to save some money, purchase an aluminum pot but make sure it has a clad bottom.
  • 6 gallon plastic bucket w/ spigot. 
  • Fermentation Bucket - If you're brewing 6 gallons, buy a 6.5 gallon bucket to allow for expansion and fermentation.
  • Nylon Bags for adding hops to your boil.
  • Racking Cane to siphon beer out of the fermenter or kettle. We prefer an auto-siphon.
  • Hydrometer and Hydrometer Jar for checking alcohol content.
  • Thermometer to ensure proper fermenting temperature and more. Make sure it gives accurate readings in the 130*F-190*F range.
  • Beer Bottles, Bottle Caps, Capper, and a Bottle Wand...unless you want to drink your beer directly from the fermenter. We've done it.

We also highly recommend using a propane burner. Electric stovetops are inconsistent, gas stovetops work well, but its best to get out of the kitchen. You'll experience boil over blues and have a mess of hops to clean up. Its easiest to spray down your garage than it is to scrub your linoleum.

And, if you didn't notice, you can't make beer without ingredients. Check out our latest beer ingredient kits to get started.