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What Equipment Do I Need for Winemaking?

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You know what just got easier? Winemaking. There are vintners and winemaking communities willing to help you by sharing expertise, books to read, and, best yet, wine to drink. Even with all of that information, you won't get very far without the right equipment. Guess what? Winemaking doesn't have to be as expensive as opening your own vineyard. You can make wine in your garage, or basement, or anywhere you can stash a few buckets and some other small items. 

We have winemaking equipment kits ready to ship but if you want to customize your first equipment order or upgrade any items, LabelPeelers.com has assembled this handy essential winemaking equipment list for you. 

7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket

You’ll need at least one primary fermenter. We recommend our Vintner’s Best 7.9 gallon bucket. It is ideal for primary fermentation of all wine kits, including those with grape packs!

Perfect for 6 gallon batches by allowing enough head space in your fermenter to allow for proper expansion and fermentation. Most wine is done in 6 gallon batches so its the perfect size for all your kit wine needs. The optional lid also comes with a rubber seal to ensure a tight seal when you snap your lid on keeping bacteria out and good wine in.

6 Gallon Glass Carboy

There are plenty of carboy sizes and makes - there are seemingly endless arguments of glass vs. plastic carboys. We’re ending the argument. Get glass. Glass is easier to clean and there’s no possibility of glass leeching chemicals into your wine. When you take proper care of a glass carboy, it will last you decades. In fact, the only reason to replace a glass carboy is if you break it. Needless to say, you have to be careful when moving a full glass carboy around.

Bottle It Up!

Sure, you can siphon the wine directly from the carboy if you want. We don’t recommend it for safety reasons, not to mention it looks a little silly. This is wine you’re making, show it a little respect and bottle it before drinking it! To do that, you’ll need an auto siphon for clearing out sediment and filling wine bottles, wine corks and corker for sealing the bottles, and, plenty of wine bottles.

Triple Scale Hydrometer

hydrometer is an inexpensive yet essential piece of equipment used in winemaking that allows the winemaker to figure the specific gravity (weight of a liquid compared to plain water). Depending on the readings observed, a winemaker can monitor the progress of fermentation, and calculate the percentage of alcohol.

Easy Clean Cleanser

Keeping your equipment clean is the first step in insuring the production of a quality wine. If you don’t clean your equipment you risk introducing microbes and bacteria to the process. And, you’ll have wasted all of your time. Try a no-rinse cleaning solution. Luckily for you, we have a full range of winemaking sanitizers and cleaners.

Carboy Bung w/ Airlock

Dont let your next batch oxidize or let an infection take over. Use a carboy bung! They come solid and drilled (for inserting a blowoff tube or airlock.)