Brun Fonce (Dark Brown) Soft Candi Sugar 50 lb

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Enhance your beer-making process with our Brun Fonce (Dark Brown) Soft Candi Sugar. This 50 lb pack is ideal for brewing enthusiasts who aim to lighten the body of their beer without compromising on the original gravity.


Brun Fonce, a dark brown soft candi sugar, is a completely fermentable sugar that offers a unique alternative to malt sugars. This product is particularly beneficial for brewing Belgian Ales, contributing to their distinctive taste and texture.


Our Brun Fonce (Dark Brown) Soft Candi Sugar is a popular choice among brewers for its ability to enhance the beer's body and flavor profile. Whether you're a home brewer or a commercial brewery, this 50 lb pack of soft candi sugar is a must-have for your brewing needs.


Suggested Usage: Add Brun Fonce (Dark Brown) Soft Candi Sugar during the boiling stage of your beer-making process. The quantity depends on the recipe and the type of beer you are brewing. Always ensure to stir well to fully dissolve the sugar and prevent it from sticking to the bottom of your brewing pot.


Experience the difference in your beer with Brun Fonce (Dark Brown) Soft Candi Sugar. Brew with confidence, brew with Brun Fonce.