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Corona Virus Information

UPDATE 4-28-20
We had to stop taking orders for about 48 hours to place all efforts at fulfilling the record day. You all decided to order at once! Ha! New daily record set right in the middle of the most volume we've ever experienced continuously. We had to say UNCLE and stop taking orders. Sorry if is inconvenienced you. We are running stronger than ever. We've put in some new packing tables, and perfected our binning system. We are moving along nicely now. 

Everyone is healthy, and we are filling orders faster than ever. 

Wishing you the best!

UPDATE 4-15-20
We are almost running 24/7 now. Volume keeps increasing, but we are healthy and burning the midnight oil. ZERO incidents currently (Ohio only has about 6500 cases for 11.6 million people.) We started distancing early here and it is showing in the numbers. We continue to run commercial grade ozone generators during downtime, and have a dedicated person sanitizing common surfaces throughout the day.

We hope you are safe at home with friends and family. Stay healthy folks, let's all get through this together. 

The Label Peelers' Family

UPDATE 4-4-20
So far so good. We've had zero incidents involving our family of partners. Ohio was one of the first places to act and our numbers show it. Only 64 cases in our county, and they are not growing fast... so far. We are keeping a close eye on everything for you, and keeping busy getting you your needed supplies. 

"Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” Alexander the Great


UPDATE 3-31-20
We are now using air sanitizing in our shipping department. We also have dedicated phones for each employee and work stations. We continue to check temperatures of all employees coming AND going. No incidents to date. We are working hard to keep open, so you have a supply line of your essentials. We know many people use us for fermented foods, bread making, sanitizing products, and staples like vinegar and kombucha, also. Hold tight everyone this is just the beginning if the science is correct about this.

Stay healthy,

The Label Peelers' Family

UPDATE 3-22-20
Ohio has announced all non-essential businesses closed Monday night. We fulfill the definition of a necessary business by several different definitions, so we are taking even more precautions and continuing service. We are experiencing higher than normal volume, so please allow for a little extra time as we struggle with the load. We're trucking right along though, and no disruptions in service are currently foreseen.

Please stay safe and healthy! Cheers!

The Label Peelers' Family

We've been implementing all procedures recommended. We've limited pick up orders to curbside only. We are sanitizing all common surfaces several times a day. We always encourage our team members to stay home when sick by providing unlimited paid sick days, and sending people home if they are visibly ill. Now we are also doing before and after shift temperature checks.

We know being forced into isolation can be trying, so we are going to do everything we can to be able to supply you with your homebrewing and wine making needs during this event.

The Label Peelers' Family