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Finer Wine Kits

Finer Wine Kits are the newest wine kit on the market and a game changer! 

Try the wine kit without the "kit taste" exclusively available at Label Peelers!

  • Finer Wine Kits' concentrates are not conventionally pasteurized to sit on a shelf at room temperature. They are stored cold and shipped to you in insulated packaging to maintain as much freshness and integrity as possible. This preserves more of the grape's authenticity and produces a superior wine. 
  • Available with real grape skins! 
  • Finer Wine Kits have minimal water weight (weighing about twenty pounds) making them cheaper to ship and easier for you to handle.
  • Your kit comes with an illustrated 11 page manual.  
  • Most importantly, they are delicious and sure to impress!
  • Makes 6 Gallons of wine (approximately 28-30 bottles)

Finer Wine Kits ARE perishable! If you cannot start your kit promptly upon receipt, the juice should be stored in the refrigerator (or freezer.) The skins should be stored in the freezer only. 
Labels are not included and must be purchased separately.