Gypsum 50 LB (calcium sulfate)

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Gypsum 50 lb is a crucial ingredient in your beer-making process, particularly if your goal is to condition your water. This product is recognized for its capacity to harden water, which can amplify the flavors of your hops and potentially elevate the starting gravity of your wort.

When you introduce Gypsum to your wort, it facilitates the clarification process by encouraging particles to unite and increase in size. These larger particles, formed with the assistance of Gypsum, precipitate from your beer more effectively. This not only contributes to clarifying your brew but also results in a more consistent hop taste.

Additionally, Gypsum can help you address chill haze. It accomplishes this by removing the particles that cause this common issue in beer making. Consequently, you can enjoy a clearer, more visually pleasing brew.

Another benefit of using Gypsum is the enhanced mouthfeel it provides. This is particularly evident if you think your water is too soft and you're seeking to increase its permanent hardness.

While Gypsum is a powerful additive on its own, it's commonly used together with calcium chloride and sodium chloride. These three components collectively form a traditional trio for water conditioning in beer making. If you don't have a specific reason for using Gypsum alone, you might want to consider using Burton's Water Salts. This product merges the three additives, offering benefits beyond what Gypsum can provide individually.

In summary, Gypsum 50 lb is a versatile and beneficial component to your beer-making process, whether you're aiming to enhance hop flavors, increase wort gravity, or improve clarity and mouthfeel.

Recommended usage is 1 tsp. per 5 gallons.