Oak Spirals

Oak Spirals. Fits perfectly in your carboy and add complexity and color stabilization to your wine. Available in French And American with a range of toast options. Each package includes 2 8" oak spirals and can be broken into smaller pieces to meet the desired intensity in your wine.

Heavy Toast - Deep complex notes of caramelized wood and subtle smoke.

Medium Plus Toast - Notes of roasted notes and honey as well as hints of spices and coffee.

Medium Toast - Sweet bouquet with warm vanilla overtones.

Light Toast - Enhances fruity qualities and adds subtle coconut notes.

A NOTE ON OAK TOASTING: "Toasting is a process measured in time and temperature, not color. Differences in darkness or lightness of identically toasted woods is due to natural differences in the wood before toasting, such as grain tightness and moisture, each of which falls into a range of values that meets our standards."

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