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Fresh California Grapes

Time to reserve your fresh grapes and juices. We have word that the California grapes are ahead of schedule and may arrive here at the shop as early as the middle of September., but as always, with grapes, you have to wait until the perfect time to harvest and could extend the arrival time into early October.

The Ohio Grand River Valley grapes and juices will be delivered on two different dates, as usual. Early harvest juices will be available the third week of September and Late Harvest juices will be available the second week of October, but again, we are dealing with agricultural products and actual arrival times may vary.

*We have a very low margin on this product. We pretty much do this as a service to all winemakers in the area. Because of this, no coupons or discounts can be used in conjuction with the current discounted prices.

*All pricing below is for 1 lug (36lbs) of California grapes. Typical 6 gallon batch requires 3 lugs of grapes.


We pride ourselves on having the freshest ingredients and fastest delivery. We are located a few miles away from a national distributor and we pick up 5 days a week from them. You can be guaranteed your orders are fresh and delivered fast.

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