Brewers Best Dried Lemon Peel 1 lb

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Elevate your homemade brew with the Brewers Best Dried Lemon Peel. This 1 lb pack is the perfect size to add a refreshing citrus twist to multiple batches of your beer. Ideal for craft beer enthusiasts who brew frequently, this dried lemon peel is a must-have ingredient for your brewing needs.

The Brewers Best Dried Lemon Peel is carefully dried to preserve its natural citrus flavor. You'll appreciate the tangy zest it brings to your beer, making it a unique and refreshing beverage. It's perfect for adding a subtle lemony note to your summer ales or wheat beers.

Here's what you can expect from the Brewers Best Dried Lemon Peel:

- 1 lb of Dried Lemon Peel: This generous quantity is ideal for frequent brewers or those looking to brew larger batches. It's also easy to store and has a long shelf life.
- Natural Citrus Flavor: The dried lemon peel retains its natural citrus flavor, adding a refreshing twist to your beer.
- Versatility: While it's ideal for beer making, you can also use this dried lemon peel in cooking and baking. It's great for adding a zesty flavor to your dishes and desserts.

To use the Brewers Best Dried Lemon Peel in your beer making, simply add it to the boil during the last few minutes of brewing. This will allow the lemon peel to release its flavors into the beer, giving it a refreshing citrus note.

So, whether you're an experienced brewer or just starting out, the Brewers Best Dried Lemon Peel is a great addition to your brewing ingredients. Enjoy the unique flavor it brings to your beer and the versatility it offers in your kitchen.