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Experience the rich history and unique flavor of Brewers Best Dried Wormwood, scientifically known as Artemisia absinthium. This 1 Oz pack of dried wormwood is a key ingredient in the legendary liqueur Absinthe, with its usage dating back to before 1600 BC.

As a beer enthusiast, you can experiment with this ingredient in your home brewing process. It's known for adding a distinct bitter flavor that can enhance the complexity of your brew. However, it's important to note that the FDA advises against the internal use of wormwood due to the substance thujone.

In addition to beer making, this variety of wormwood is also used in the production of vermouth and Campari. However, it's a different variety than the Artemisia absinthium.

Here's what you'll get with the Brewers Best Dried Wormwood:

• 1 Oz pack of Artemisia absinthium: This is the principal ingredient in Absinthe and can be used to add a unique flavor to your homemade beers.

• Historical usage: The use of wormwood dates back to before 1600 BC, allowing you to incorporate a piece of history into your brewing process.

• Versatility: Besides beer making, this wormwood can also be used in the production of vermouth and Campari, giving you a range of options for experimentation.

Remember, while wormwood can add an exciting twist to your beer making, it's crucial to use it responsibly due to the presence of thujone. Enjoy the art of brewing with Brewers Best Dried Wormwood.