Natural Passion Fruit Flavoring 128 oz

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Temporarily Unavailable Till June 12th


Experience the tropical delight of Natural Passion Fruit Flavoring 128 oz, a versatile ingredient that can enhance your homemade beverages and culinary creations. This flavoring is a must-have for those who love to experiment with unique tastes in their beer and winemaking endeavors. You'll find that it adds a vibrant, fruity note to your brews, making them stand out in taste and aroma.

The Natural Passion Fruit Flavoring is composed of several key components:
- Natural passion fruit extract: This gives the flavoring its authentic, tropical taste.
- Propylene glycol: This component helps to preserve the flavor and extend its shelf life.
- Water: It aids in the easy mixing of the flavoring with your beverages or food.

But the uses of this flavoring extend beyond just beer and winemaking. You can also add it to your baking, cooking, and even cocktail mixing. Imagine the burst of tropical goodness it can add to your cakes, cookies, sauces, and mixed drinks.

And speaking of leaving a lasting impression, did you know that the first footprints on the moon will likely be there for at least 100 million years, since there's no wind or water to erode them? Just like those footprints, the unique taste of your creations using the Natural Passion Fruit Flavoring will leave a memorable mark on your taste buds and those of your guests.

So why wait? Elevate your culinary and brewing experiences with the Natural Passion Fruit Flavoring. Your palate will thank you for it! 

Actual color of flavoring may vary from batch to batch.