Brewer's Best Wheat Liquid Malt Extract 3.3 lb

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Brewer's Best Wheat Liquid Malt Extract, weighing 3.3 lb, is a premium quality product that you, as a home brewer, will find indispensable. This liquid malt extract is meticulously crafted from top-grade 2-row barley, ensuring a clean malt flavor and the purest color profiles. It's a product that's been expertly designed by a team of brewmasters in collaboration with Coopers Brewery, making it a unique malt extract that's been created for brewers like you, by brewers themselves.

You'll experience more vigorous fermentation with this extract compared to others, and it will provide a cleaner overall malt aroma. If you're aiming for a lighter colored brew, Brewer's Best Extra Light is one of the lightest colored extracts available on the market.

The Brewer's Best Wheat Liquid Malt Extract is backed by Brewer's Best, a leading distributor of home craft beer making products. This ensures that you're getting a product that's trusted by the brewing community.

This malt extract is packaged in recyclable steel cans, promoting sustainability and showing our commitment to the environment. You don't have to worry about leaks with the standard 3.3 lb. packaging, making it a reliable choice for your brewing needs.

Remember, this isn't just any malt extract. It's the only one crafted by a brewery, specifically designed for brewers like you. So, whether you're a seasoned brewer or just starting out, this malt extract is a must-have for creating your perfect brew.

In addition to beer making, this malt extract can also be used in baking as a substitute for sugar, providing a unique flavor to your baked goods. So, why wait? Enhance your brewing and baking experience with Brewer's Best Wheat Liquid Malt Extract today.

Benefits of Brewer's Best® Liquid Malt Extracts include:
  • More vigorous fermentation when fermented side-by-side with other extracts
  • Cleaner overall malt aroma
  • Brewer's Best® Extra Light is one of the lightest colored extracts available
  • Backed by the leading distributor of home craft beermaking products, Brewer's Best®
  • Packaged in recyclable steel cans promoting sustainability
  • Tried and true standard 3.3 lb. packaging, without the worry of leaking cans
  • The only malt extract crafted by a brewery - for brewers, by brewers