Blanc (White) Soft Candi Sugar 1 lb

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Enhance your beer-making experience with our Blanc (White) Soft Candi Sugar 1 lb. This premium quality adjunct is ideal for lightening the body of your beer, offering a completely fermentable alternative to malt sugars. As the lightest soft candi sugar available on the market, it is particularly suited for crafting Belgian Ales.

Moreover, it can add a unique dryness to beers such as Double India Pale Ales. Using our Blanc (White) Soft Candi Sugar not only lightens the body of your beer but also maintains the original gravity, ensuring the perfect balance in your brew.

Whether you're a home brewer or a professional, our Blanc (White) Soft Candi Sugar 1 lb is a must-have ingredient for creating a wide variety of beer styles. It's easy to use and guarantees a superior brewing experience. So, enhance the quality of your beer with our Blanc (White) Soft Candi Sugar today.