Light Candi Sugar 55 Lb.

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Our Light Candi Sugar, a 55 lb package, is meticulously crafted from refined beet sugar, ensuring a 100% fermentable product that is perfect for enhancing the alcohol content of your beers. This premium brewing ingredient is ideal for those who wish to increase the alcohol level in their brews without adding unnecessary body or sweetness.

This high-quality Light Candi Sugar is an excellent choice for brewing a variety of beers, particularly Belgian Tripels, Dubbels, and other strong ales. It imparts a clean and subtle flavor profile that complements, rather than overpowers, the natural taste of your brew. Its easy-dissolving nature ensures a smooth and hassle-free brewing process.

Incorporate our Light Candi Sugar into your brewing routine and experience the difference it makes in creating beers with a higher alcohol content and a perfectly balanced taste. Whether you're a homebrew hobbyist or a professional brewer, our Light Candi Sugar is an essential addition to your brewing supplies.