Puzzle Bottle Drier - 6 pack

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Introducing the "Puzzle Bottle Drier" six-pack – the most fun, American-made drying apparatus since the invention of the towel! This witty, whimsical bottle drier is the Rubik's cube of post-sanitization storage, designed to keep your bottles high and dry with a twist of humor.

Imagine a drip tray that captures more than just water – it captures your heart too, with its unique, configurable system. Say "cheers" to a drier that's as flexible as a stand-up comedian, accommodating anywhere from a modest 12oz beer bottle to a stately 20oz wine bottle with room to grow! The Puzzle Bottle Drier snaps together like a freshly-built LEGO fortress, letting you connect as few or as many as you desire – the sky's the limit!

This lightweight, easy-to-store gadget is so inexpensive to ship, it'll have you raising a (dry) glass to toast our shipping partners at the post office! Made with love and laughter right here in the USA, the Puzzle Bottle Drier is the perfect addition to any home beer or wine maker's toolkit.

So, why settle for a dull, monotonous bottle drying experience? Upgrade to a Puzzle Bottle Drier six-pack and add a splash of fun to your sanitizing routine! Wine and beer enthusiasts alike, let us embark on this thrilling, thirst-quenching journey together!