Clear Glass Jug 1 Gallon - Single

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Clear Glass Jug 1 Gallon (Single)

Please note that the Clear Glass Jug 1 Gallon (single) do not come with caps since it depends on whether you are fermenting in them or storing in them and how long term storage is needed.

For use during fermentation, use Item # 4344 (38 mm Plastic Screw Cap with Hole) or Item # 4612 (#6 Drilled rubber stopper). For use for storage, use Item # 4340A ( 38 mm Polyseal Screw Caps) for long term storage or 4330A (38 mm Metal Screw Cap) for short term storage.

Why share a little when you can share a lot! Gallon jugs save time in bottling and are equivalent to five standard 750ml bottles.  They are screw top finish so make sure you order the correct closure to compliment the jugs.

Dimensions: Height:11 3/4" Width:6" Bottle Opening:1 1/8"