Neutrocork® Wine Corks 44 x 24mm 100/bag

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Experience the perfect blend of functionality, accessibility, and sustainability with the Neutrocork Wine Corks. These 44 x 24mm corks, available in a pack of 100, are not just any ordinary wine corks. Each Neutrocork stopper is capable of sequestering up to 393g of CO2, making it an eco-friendly choice for your wine bottling needs. These corks are especially recommended for fast-rotation wines, ensuring your wine's quality and freshness are preserved.

The Neutrocork Wine Corks are designed with great structural stability, thanks to their uniform-sized micro cork granule composition. Each cork is carefully pressed into individual moulds, resulting in an attractive and sturdy closure for your wine bottles. The easy extraction feature of these corks makes them a highly competitive natural closure option in terms of both performance and price.

Key characteristics of the Neutrocork Wine Corks include:

- Moisture content of 4-9%
- Specific weight of 240-320 kg/m3
- Extraction force of 15-40 DAN
- Dust content of less than 2 mg per stopper

To ensure the best use and storage of these corks, it's recommended to remove any dust before corking. After bottling, keep the bottles in an upright position for at least 10 minutes. The ideal storage conditions for your bottled wines are 53-64°F at 50-70% humidity. If you have any unused cork stoppers, store them in their original packages, in a well-ventilated room with a controlled temperature between 59-77°F and 50-70% humidity.

So, whether you're a wine enthusiast or a professional winemaker, the Neutrocork Wine Corks provide a reliable and sustainable solution for your wine bottling needs.

*Requires a floor corker.