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Introducing the Finer Wine Kits Winery Series - a revolutionary product that will elevate your wines to new heights. Your kits are not just a product, but a promise of quality, convenience, and consistency. If you are using kits to make wine at your winery, here's why you should switch to Finer Wine Kits concentrates - superior quality and more options.
Your Cali Northern Rhone is Finer Wine Kits' unique version of the French Northern Rhone blend. It is Syrah dominant with small percentages of Chardonnay and Riesling. Syrah’s dark fruit, peppery and floral notes are enhanced with Chardonnay’s buttery smoothness and Riesling’s citrus flavors will be sure to please.
Your Cali Northern Rhone Winery Series Finer Wine Kit is crafted from the finest California grapes. They undergo a meticulous process of extraction, preserving the rich, authentic flavors of the fruit. This results in concentrates that are pure, potent, and primed to produce exceptional wines. Your concentrates contain nothing but the varietal juices and sulfites. That’s it! Since Finer Wine Kits concentrates are not ultra pasteurized, they have more integral flavor than traditional shelf stable grape juice concentrates. 
Don't just take our word for it. This new product exists because wineries came to us. Some have already made the switch and report significant improvement in their wine quality. One customer review states, "Since switching to Finer Wine Kits, our wines have never tasted better. The flavors are more robust, the aromas more enticing. Our customers have noticed the difference too.”
Contact Label Peelers for FIDS sheets and ingredient specs. 
Mixing Ratio Guidelines:
Your Winery Series Kits contain 5.3 gallons of concentrate. You have the option to vary your ABV to your specifications. Here are some mixing ratio guidelines that follow the ABV of our Forte, Tavola and Novello series wine kits. 


  • Yield: 61.6 liters, 76-82 750ml Bottles
  • ABV: 13.5-15%
  • Water Addition: 10-11 gallons
  • OSG: 1.100-1.110


  • Yield: 69 liters, 84-90 750ml Bottles
  • ABV: 12-13%
  • Water Addition: 12-13 gallons
  • OSG: 1.090-1.010


  • Yield: 77.5 liters, 94-102 750ml Bottles
  • ABV: 10-11%
  • Water Addition: 15-16 gallons 
  • OSG: 1.080-1.090
You will need a 100 liter fermenter to make these kits. 
Adding Grape Skins and Additive Packs:
When you get to checkout, you will have the option to add skins and add packs.
For the skins, we advise 3 skin packs for a light bodied wine. For medium bodied wines, 6 skin packs and for big bodied wines, 9-12. You will be able to select your desired quantity. If you are buying more skins than you need for this, make sure you have the freezer space to store them.
Additionally, you can purchase all the necessary add packs if you choose. If you own a winery, you have your own additives so we have decided to make these optional for you to extend cost savings. But if you do want the additives, you can select depending on your desired ABV. Add packs are configured for the Novello, Tavola and Forte Kits. 
Not only can you use these kits to make all your wine, you can also blend your fresh grapes with these concentrates if you have a vineyard. If you are not in a region with optimal grape cultivation conditions, these concentrates can really bring your wines to the next level. They will not only extend your yield, they will improve the flavor of your wines and offer you more consistent results.   
If you own a winery and are using kits to make your wine, the Finer Wine Kits Winery Series is a game changer. Make the switch today and taste the difference.
Because Finer Wine Kits concentrates and skins are not ultra pasteurized, there is a tradeoff between freshness and convenience. They cannot be stored at room temperature. Be prepared to make your kit when it arrives or to properly store it if you cannot. Concentrates must be refrigerated below 40 degrees. Skins must be stored at below freezing temperatures. 
  • Character: Dry
  • Region: Lodi California

*This kit is an agricultural product and must be fermented or cooked before being consumed.


variable steel tankVariable Steel Tanks

A 100 liter variable steel tank is the ideal fermenter for your Cali Northern Rhone Winery Series Finer Wine Kit. There are larger sizes available as well. 


Many people reuse their hoses for far too long. Replacing your hoses often is highly recommended with winemaking. Even if you have good sanitation practices, hoses are particularly difficult to keep clean. You do not want to risk a bacterial contamination in your Cali Northern Rhone Wine Kit over something that costs very little to replace. 


You might be in the market for an additional hand corker. If you don't have a mechanized setup and you are making wine for resale, having more than one is a good thing. 

PVC Shrink CapsulesPVC Shrink Capsules

Presentation is just as important as substance. The right color and style of PVC Shrink Capsules for your Cali Northern Rhone Kit can make all the difference. 

pumpPumps and Filters

Larger volume makes pumps a must. If you already have one you might need more filters.


Winemakers always need more corks. Be sure to read the corker requirements of different corks before you make your selection because some cork sizes do not work with all corkers. If you want to age your Cali Northern Rhone longer corks are preferable.


If you have a winery, you always need more bottles. You will need between 70 and 110 bottles for your winery series kit depending on your desired ABV.





Recent genetic testing proves that Gouais Blanc is one parent of Riesling, and Chardonnay!