Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon 14L Wine Kit Winery Series

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Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon 14L Wine Kit Winery SeriesKIT DETAILS

The Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon 14L Wine Kit Winery Series is a bulk version of the Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon for wineries. Winery Series Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon kits have an approximate yield of 12 Gallons translating to roughly 60 bottles of wine. Ideal for small or medium size wineries. Includes FIDS (flavor information data sheet) to support labeling, 14 Liters of juice, and add pack.

  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Body: Medium full
  • Tasting Notes: Black cherry, blackcurrant & Toasty notes
  • Oak Intensity: Medium
  • Kit Size: 14L
  • ABV: 12.5%*

*Alcohol level based on following Winexpert winemaking instructions. 


Here are some additional product suggestions to accompany your Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.

750ml Antique Green Punted Bordeaux Bottle

750ml Antique Green Punted Bordeaux Bottle 

This is a great bottle for a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Red wines are typically bottled in tinted bottles to protect them from light which accelerates oxidation. The punted indentation at the bottom aids in carrying the bottle vertically. Punted bottles are the top of the line. Click here for more economical options for red wine bottles and white wine bottles. This kit requires 60 bottles (five cases.) Price breaks for bulk are available for 96 cases (one pallet.) Please contact Label Peelers directly for more information. 


 20 gallon fermenter with lid 20 gallon fermenter with lid

This Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon kit can be fermented in a 20 gallon fermenters if you do not have a 100 liter variable capacity stainless steel tank. Primary fermentation requires at least 25% headspace to accommodate active fermentation.The kit comes with two add packs and can be split between two batches.


PVC Shrink Capsules (500 Bulk)PVC Shrink Capsules (500 Bulk)

When you bottle your Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, PVC Shrink Capsules are a great way to add a finishing touch. Easy to apply by dipping in boiling water or using a heat gun. Regular shrink capsules (30mm x 55mm) fit standard cork finished bottles. 




Because your Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon kit makes 60 bottles, a good corker is recommended. It will also determine the types of corks you can use. Longer/wider corks last longer and require floor corkers. If you will be selling your Cabernet Sauvignon, you will need it to age longer in the bottle. 




Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon needs to age and 9 x 1 3/4 Premium Quality Straight Wine Corks 1000 ct. are a good choice. If you like to age in the bottle, you want the right corks to preserve the quality of your wine.


did you know?


One of the parent grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon is the white grape Sauvignon Blanc.