Winery Series Black Cherry Bulk Kit

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Newly refined by Winexpert, this Winery Series kit has been slightly downsized from its 23L size to a smaller and more space-efficient 19.8L package. This kit yields the same 24 gallons of wine, and only needs a bit more water added to do so.

You'll enjoy the super enhanced Island Mist Black Cherry Pinot Noir varietal characteristics of fresh red berries and luscious black cherries. Pair Island Mist Black Cherry Pinot Noir fruit forward wine with a salmon topped salad for a culinary delight.

Makes 24 gallons

Sweetness: Sweet

Body: Light
Oak: None
Alcohol: 6.5% - 7%

***Need more than five of these kits? Give us a call and let us work up a deal for you. 330-678-6400***



Special Note to all Wineries: For labelling purposes, the Winexpert Winery Series kits use a proprietary blend of grapes as the wine base with the fruit flavoring coming from a Flavor Pack. These kits do not use Fruit as their base. FIDS are available on request.