Burton Water Salts 1/3 oz.

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Elevate your home brewing experience with our Burton Water Salts 1/3 oz. This product is specially formulated to mimic the unique water characteristics of the famous Burton brewing region in Britain, giving your beer a distinctive, full-bodied flavor and improved mouthfeel.

The Burton Water Salts serve multiple functions in the beer-making process. Primarily, they harden the water used for brewing, which is especially beneficial when brewing all grain, as it aids in the extraction of crucial compounds from the grain.

Secondly, these salts contain a gypsum additive that intensifies the hop bitterness, making it more crisp and noticeable. This is a feature that distinguishes Burton Water Salts from regular gypsum, which only contributes to water hardness.

In addition to these, the Burton Water Salts also provide a source of magnesium, an essential nutrient for yeast. This not only promotes yeast health but also enhances the fermentation process, resulting in a superior quality brew.

Lastly, the Burton Water Salts boost the performance of clarifying agents like Irish Moss and Whirlfloc, helping to combat chill haze and ensure a clear, appealing beer.

In summary, the Burton Water Salts 1/3 oz is a versatile and beneficial addition to your home brewing supplies, offering a range of benefits from enhanced flavor to improved brewing process.