Gelatin Finings 1 oz.

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Enhance the clarity and quality of your home-brewed beers with our Gelatin Finings 1 oz. This product is specifically designed to help you tackle common brewing issues such as chill haze or extended clearing time during the secondary fermentation stage. The Gelatin Finings work by prompting the proteins that cause haze to cluster into larger particles, thus speeding up their precipitation from your beer.

Gelatin Finings are best used after all fermentation has taken place. If you're bottle conditioning, please note that using Gelatin Finings may remove more yeast than desired, potentially slowing or even stopping fermentation in the bottle. However, this can be easily rectified by adding yeast to the bottling bucket to ensure adequate carbonation during bottle conditioning.

Here are some key details about our Gelatin Finings:

- They precipitate degraded yeast cells, haze-forming proteins, and tannins from beer, enhancing its clarity and quality.
- They can be beneficial for highly tannic red wines that have undergone carbonic maceration, as the Gelatin Finings can remove excess tannins for a more balanced wine.
- They are not recommended for white wines due to their typically low tannin content and the absence of a maceration step.

To use our Gelatin Finings, follow these application tips:

After completing secondary fermentation and the required aging period, lower the temperature of your beer to 50 F or below. Measure out 1/8 of a teaspoon of Gelatin Finings and add it to 50 ml of cold water in an Erlenmeyer flask. Let the solution stand for an hour to fully hydrate the gelatin, then gently heat it to 150-160 F to fully dissolve the gelatin. Once the solution cools to 120 F, slowly pour it into your beer and stir gently, taking care not to introduce oxygen. Let the beer stand at 50 F or below for another 7-14 days before siphoning.

For wine, follow the same procedure, but add the Gelatin solution to 100 ml of wine before stirring it into a 5-gallon batch. Allow the wine to stand for 2-3 weeks before siphoning from the vessel for packaging.

The Gelatin Finings 1 oz is the perfect addition to your beer making supplies, ensuring you achieve the best results in your brewing endeavors.