Black Pearl® Caribbean Fancy Molasses 60 lb Pail

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Introducing the Black Pearl™ - Caribbean Fancy Molasses, a dark, reddish-brown delight that's as rich in flavor as it is in color. This isn't your run-of-the-mill molasses. No, sir. This is a meticulously crafted blend that captures the essence of fine, imported, unsulphured molasses, reminiscent of the Caribbean's finest.

Derived from 100% sugar cane, this molasses blend is a testament to consistency in a world where molasses is inherently inconsistent. It's a GMO-free product, proudly of U.S. origin, and it's got the stats to back up its quality. With a solid content of 80 +/- 2%, sucrose levels ranging from 29 – 38%, and total fermentable sugars between 52 – 60%, this molasses is primed and ready for distilling top-tier rum.

But it's not just about the sugar. The Black Pearl™ - Caribbean Fancy Molasses boasts a pH level of 5 – 6 and an ash content of less than 7.5%. Its microbiological stats are equally impressive, with a total plate count of less than 5,000/gm and yeast/mold less than 100/gm.

Even available in bulk, this molasses blend is as versatile as it is flavorful. And with a shelf life of 6 months at room temperature, you've got plenty of time to savor its unique taste.

Certified Kosher and produced in a BRC certified and HACCP approved facility, the Black Pearl™ - Caribbean Fancy Molasses is also available in an organic variant. So, whether you're a rum distiller or a molasses connoisseur, this product is a must-try. Experience the unique, consistent essence of the Caribbean with Black Pearl™ - Caribbean Fancy Molasses.

Ingredient: 100% Sugar Cane Molasses
Solids (Brix – Refractometer): 80 +/- 2%
Sucrose: 29 – 38%
Total Fermentable Sugars: 52 – 60%
Ash: <7.5%
pH (50/50): 5 – 6
Color: Dark, Reddish Brown
Total Plate Count: <5,000/gm
Yeast/Mold: <100/gm
Packaging Options: 60 lbs. (Pails); 645 lbs. (Drums); 3,150 lbs. (Totes); bulk
Shelf Life: 6 months at room temperature
Miscellaneous: This product is Certified Kosher and is produced in a BRC certified and
HACCP approved facility. Also available in Organic.