Brewers Best Conditioning Tablets 250 Tabs

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The Brewer's Best® line of home beermaking essentials now includes conditioning tablets.  Brewer's Best® Conditioning Tablets are a convenient way to add just the right amount of carbonation to your brew. These tablets contain no sucrose or fructose fillers -- just dextrose and Briess Pilsen Light DME for a clean, pure beverage. The number of tablets you use will determine the carbonation level of your beer - 3 tablets for low carbonation, 4 tablets for medium and 5 for high. Mix and match different carbonation levels in bottles from the same batch -- it's your beer -- do what you want. Each package of 250 tablets will prime 5 to 6 gallons of beer (depending on number of tablets used per bottle.) Each tablet contains 545 mg of priming sugars.

3 tabs for low carbonation

4 tabs for medium carbonation

5 tabs for high carbonation