Monster Cleaner - Bottle and Fermenter Rinser

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The Vintage Shop - manufacturer of The FerMonster™ - proudly presents the best sanitizer you could think of, The Monster Cleaner, for sanitation of all types of bottles: from PET, beer, wine, and champagne bottles to test jars, easy siphons, samplers, carboys, growlers, gallon jugs and more! Easy to assemble, it is a breeze to use and clean. It also acts as a versatile addition to the top of the Item 4807 Bottle Drainer Tower with no adapter required (Bottle Drainer Tower sold separately).  May also be used independently on any flat surface.

  • Will come with an adapter so the PET carboys will fit and can be sanitized (any container up to 55 mm in neck diameter).
  • Will take all types of bottles (PET beer bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles).
  • Use the versatile adapter to easily sanitize a a variety of sizes and shapes, including Test Jars, Easy Siphons, Samplers and more.
  • Will fit on top of The Bottle Tower with no adapter required / Can also be used on any flat surface.
  • Volume of sanitizer is 50% more than our competitor’s.
  • Overall height is smaller, making it more stable.
  • Size is perfect to sanitize Growlers and Gallon Jugs.
  • Slightly smaller in diameter, making it cheaper to ship and reducing space for storage.
  • Assembled in minutes.
  • BPA free.
  • Made with food grade materials.