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The Portuguese Floor Corker makes the task of bottling so easy even your children can use it. It's a must have for every winemaker. This floor corker can be used with all corks up to size #9 which seal better than corks with smaller diameters. You did a lot of work to make great wine. Make sure your bottles are properly corked to age safely. 



Clear 750 ml Wine Bottles - 12/CaseWine Bottles

Wine Bottles are available in a wide variety of sizes. Add character to your wine by changing up the bottle style or pick something nice to give as gifts.  

PVC Shrink CapsulesPVC Shrink Capsules

Shrink capsules are a great way to add a finishing touch after corking your bottles with the Portuguese Floor Corker. They are easy to apply by dipping in boiling water or using a heat gun. Regular shrink capsules (30mm x 55mm) fit standard cork finished bottles. All PVC shrinks have a gold grape coin on their tops.



Choosing the right corks is important especially if you want to age your wine. Your Portuguese Floor Corker can be used with all corks up to size #9.  

bottle-tree.pngBottle Tree 

A bottle tree is a great way to dry your bottles before filling and corking.

bottle-rinser.pngBottle and Fermenter Rinser

Make sanitizing your bottles easy before corking. This item will save you a lot of time, and work.  

bottle-filler-manual.pngBottle Filling Equipment

It might be time to replace your bottling wand. They are stubbornly difficult to clean and you don't want to risk contamination after corking your bottles.

sink-bottle-blast.pngBottle Washer

This is another great go-to item that will not only save you time and work when bottling and corking, it saves water! It attaches right to your sink. Press the bottle on the spring and you have a power washer. 


DID YOU KNOW?did you know?

The actual inventor of the cork bottle stopper remains a mystery!