Island Mist Fruit Wine Kits

The Island Mist Series Kits have recently been reformulated into a smaller package, from the original 7.5 Liter (1.98 Gallon) Kits, to the newer, and much slimmer, 6 Liter (1.59 Gallon) Kits. These newer and smaller kits produce exactly the same amount of wine as they did before the change, just with less in the kit.

These lighter bodied wine kits are the perfect summer sipper. With many fruit varieties available, these sweet wines include 6 Liters (1.59 Gallons) of juice and are ready to drink in as little as 5 weeks.

Many people may prefer a wine with a little more alcohol and body so we have added the option to boost your wine kit with a pound of corn sugar and 1 liter of grape concentrate to the right of the product. This combination increases alcohol while still maintaining the wines body and flavor.

"Boosting" Guide:

The boosting of an Island Mist series kit is easy and brings the alcohol content to approx 9%. Simply adding corn sugar alone will boost the alcohol of your kit without adding body or mouthfeel to support this increase. Doing this will leave your wine tasting "hot" and unbalanced. The addition of white or red grape concentrate leaves your wine with more balance and produces a more enjoyable end product. Both the 1 lb corn sugar and 1 liter of grape concentrate should be mixed in stage 1 after adding your main juice pack and before topping up to the 6 gallon mark with water.


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