Growler Filler For Perlick Faucet

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Experience the ease of filling your growlers with the Growler Filler for Perlick Faucet (C719). This essential piece of brewery equipment is designed with a stainless steel nozzle and a vinyl hose, allowing you to fill your growlers directly from your Perlick taps.

 Simply slide the nozzle into your beer tap spout and the O-rings will secure it in place. The attached vinyl hose, which is completely food safe, can be dropped inside your growler for a bottom-up filling process that significantly reduces foaming. 

 This product is the easiest and best way to fill your favorite beer and carry it anywhere you want. The filler allows you to fill growlers from the bottom, which creates less foam and ensures a perfect pour every time.

 The stainless steel construction and double O-ring seals provide a tight seal to the inside of your faucet, preventing any messy leaks. This means that your Growler Filler for Perlick Faucet will last far longer than chrome-plated growler fillers.

 Invest in this product to enhance your brewery experience. It's not just a tool, it's a game-changer for your beer filling process.


Material: Stainless Steel 304
Length: 1 Feet (12")