7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket Buy 3 with Grommeted Lids

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Your 7.9 Gallon Fermenters with Grommeted Lids are bundled in a quantity of 3 to save you on shipping. Because they fit together, shipping is calculated by dimensional weight instead of gross weight offering you substantial savings. You also have the option to change to solid lids. 

7.9 Gallon Fermenters are perfect for 6 gallon batches by allowing enough head space in your fermenter to allow for proper expansion and fermentation. Most wine is done in 6 gallon batches so it's the perfect size for all your kit wine needs. The included lids also comes with a rubber seal to ensure a tight seal when you snap your lid on keeping bacteria out and good wine in.

With bail handle, this deluxe primary beer and wine fermenter is printed with beer stein and wine glass design in burgundy, green and yellow, also child safety warning and gallon markings in black. Printed in English and French.

Bucket Overall Dimensions: 13 3/8" Interior Diameter at top of Bucket. Bucket Height without lid 15"