Finer Wine Kits Novello Reds

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Finer Wine Kits

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If you are a loyal Finer Wine Kits winemaker who lives farther away, this is a great opportunity for an especially good deal. The sticker price is all you pay to get your favorite wine kits shipped cold to your front door. 

The Novello Series is Finer Wine Kits’ solution to wine kits with lower price points that are ready to drink when you bottle. With their signature non-ultra-pasteurized concentrates, you will enjoy special wines that taste better and are easy to make. Novello in Italian means young fresh wine. Your Novello Series Wine Kits are adaptations of Italian Novello wine made with California varietal concentrates. Novello wines are lower in alcohol and tannins, lighter bodied and have minimal additives. Your wine will be bursting with fruit flavor, floral aromas, and a crisp freshness that you can savor without the wait. 

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