Kick Carrageenan Micro-T Tablets 10 ct.

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The Kick Carrageenan Micro-T Tablets, a pack of 10, are your ideal solution for enhancing flocculation and clarity in your brewing process. These kettle finings are known for their effectiveness in not only the kettle but throughout the entirety of the brewing process.

The key component of these tablets is kappa carrageenan, a high molecular weight polysaccharide extracted from red seaweed. This ingredient has a unique property of binding to haze-forming proteins and other small particles, causing them to flocculate rapidly. This process results in a significant improvement in both wort and beer clarity.

To make the most of these tablets, it's suggested to add them near the end of the boil during your beer-making process. This timing allows the kappa carrageenan to effectively bind to the proteins and particles, enhancing the clarity of your brew.

In addition to beer making, these tablets can also be used in other applications where clarity is desired. For instance, they can be used in the production of clear broths or stocks in cooking, or in the creation of clear gels in baking and dessert making.

In summary, the Kick Carrageenan Micro-T Tablets are a versatile and effective solution for improving clarity in a range of applications. Whether you're a home brewer looking to enhance your beer or a chef seeking to create clear broths or gels, these tablets are a reliable choice.