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Experience the power of KICK Carrageenan Granular 5lbKICK Carrageenan Granular 5lb, a game-changer in the brewing process. This high-quality kettle fining is designed to enhance flocculation and clarity, taking your brewing experience to the next level. The secret behind its effectiveness is kappa carrageenan, a high molecular weight polysaccharide extracted from red seaweed. When you add this near the end of the boil, it binds to haze-forming proteins and other small particles, flocculating rapidly to give you improved wort and beer clarity.

The KICK Carrageenan Granular 5lb is composed of 100% granular carrageenan, produced at a larger particle size for easier handling and addition. You can add it 20 minutes prior to the end of the boil to fully activate the kappa carrageenan. This product can be added to beer labeled as “organic” or “made with organic”.

The KICK Carrageenan Granular 5lb is not only effective but also convenient. It comes in a cream to light tan color, with 90% of the particles passing through a 10 Mesh screen. It has a moisture content of less than 12% and a water viscosity of 300-700 cps at 1.5%.

The typical dose rate for KICK Carrageenan Granular 5lb is 10-60 ppm (1-6 g/hL), but this can vary based on your beer style and recipe. To determine the best dose rate for your brew, you should conduct a dose rate optimization trial.

To ensure maximum shelf life of two years, you should store the product in its original, sealed packaging and protect it from excessive heat, humidity, moisture, and direct sunlight.

Just as Louis XIV of France, the longest reigning monarch in history, ruled for an impressive 72 years, the KICK Carrageenan Granular 5lb is designed to provide you with long-lasting, superior brewing results. This product is more than just a brewing ingredient; it's a testament to the art of brewing, offering you an opportunity to create a brew that stands the test of time.