Kick Carrageenan Tablets 5 ct.

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Kick Carrageenan Tablets are a game-changer for your beer brewing process. These kettle finings are a powerful tool to enhance flocculation and clarity in your kettle and throughout the entire brewing process. The secret behind the effectiveness of these tablets is the active ingredient, kappa carrageenan. This high molecular weight polysaccharide is derived from red seaweed and has a unique ability to bind to haze-forming proteins and other small particles.

When you add these tablets near the end of your boil, kappa carrageenan gets to work, binding to these particles and flocculating rapidly. The result? You'll notice a significant improvement in the clarity of your wort and beer.

Here's a quick breakdown of the components in Kick Carrageenan Tablets:

- Kappa Carrageenan: This is the active ingredient, a high molecular weight polysaccharide derived from red seaweed. It binds to haze-forming proteins and small particles, enhancing the clarity of your beer.
- 5 Tablets: Each pack contains five tablets, providing you with multiple uses for your beer brewing needs.

While primarily used in beer brewing, Kick Carrageenan Tablets can also be used in other applications where clarity is desired, such as in the production of wine or other fermented beverages.

Incorporate Kick Carrageenan Tablets into your brewing process and experience the difference in clarity and quality in your homemade beer.