Natural Tangerine Flavoring 128 oz

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Experience the burst of citrusy delight with the Natural Tangerine Flavoring. This 128 oz flavor enhancer is a versatile addition to your culinary endeavors. Just like the original London Bridge that found a new home in Arizona, USA, this flavoring can bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary in your creations.

Ideal for beer and winemaking, this natural tangerine flavoring can elevate your IPA with added citrus notes, or round out a citrus-based wine. It's as simple as adding to taste and waiting for fermentation to stop before adding for optimal results. Remember, vigorous fermentation may drive off the scent while CO2 is escaping.

But don't limit yourself to just beer and wine. This flavoring is also perfect for baking, cooking, and even crafting homemade sodas. Imagine the tangy tangerine twist it can bring to your cakes, cookies, or refreshing summer drinks.

Here's what you'll find in the Natural Tangerine Flavoring:

• Natural Tangerine Extract: This is the heart of the product, providing the distinct, fresh, and tangy tangerine taste.
• Alcohol: Used as a carrier for the flavor, it ensures the flavoring blends evenly throughout your creations.
• Water: It helps dilute the extract to the perfect intensity, ensuring the flavor isn't overpowering.

So, whether you're a home brewer, a baker, or a lover of all things citrus, this Natural Tangerine Flavoring is your ticket to a world of tangy, tantalizing delights. Just like the London Bridge that crossed the Atlantic in 1968, let this flavoring take your taste buds on a journey they won't forget.

Actual color of flavoring may vary from batch to batch.