Bottling Corks

Wine Bottle CorksSeal your bottles of beer or wine and give them a traditional look. These high quality corks vary in size and makeup depending on the application.
All of the corks listed below fit our 375 mL, 750 mL and 1.5 L, non-screw top, wine bottles.

For corking with a hand corker, we recommend the #8 first quality straight corks.
For corking with a floor corker, we recommend any of the #9 straight corks.
If you have neither a hand or floor corker, we recommend using tasting corks.
Aglica Corks 12-18 Month Storage

First Quality Corks - 1-2 Year Storage

Premium Quality Corks - 4-6 Year Storage

Nomacorc Synthetic Corks - 10+ Year Storage


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