White Plastic Tap Handle With Ferrule And Finial

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Enhance your brewery equipment with the "White Plastic Tap Handle With Ferrule And Finial" (C268). This tap handle is not just a functional piece but also a sleek addition to your home kegerator. Crafted from durable plastic, this tap handle is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use.

The handle is finished in a clean, crisp white, a versatile color that can seamlessly blend with any decor. It features a silver finial and ferrule, both made from brass and plated for an extra layer of protection and shine. The chrome-plated finish adds a touch of sophistication, making your tap stand out.

The tap handle has a thread size of 3/8"x16 UNC and a length of 5", making it a perfect fit for most standard kegerators.

Upgrade your brewery setup with this White Plastic Tap Handle With Ferrule And Finial. It's more than just a tap handle; it's a statement of style and quality.


Material Finial & Ferrule Brass
Finish Finial & Ferrule Plated Brass

Finish: Chrome Plated
Handle Material: Plastic
Color: White
Thread Size: 3/8"x16 UNC
Length: 5"