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woman filling carboy with wineA 5 gallon glass carboy can be used for fermenting 4 gallon batches or secondary fermentation up to 5 Gallons. Nothing beats glass as you can watch the science of fermentation in action without worrying about scratching up your plastic and harboring any kind of bacteria. Glass carboys are very sanitary but should also be handled with care. It is strongly advisable to not move them full without a carboy handle or a carrier.

 Manufactured in Italy.




Many people reuse their hoses for far too long. Replacing your hoses often is highly recommended with beer and winemaking. Even if you have good sanitation practices, hoses are particularly difficult to keep clean. You do not want to risk a bacterial contamination in your carboy over something that costs very little to replace. 




Auto-siphons are a great luxury item to have in your beer and winemaking equipment. Once you have one you will never go without one again. Don't forget to use a heavy duty sanitizer to clean it since you don't want to replace it often as hoses. A good sanitizer for that job is Five Star San. Like hoses, Siphons are also difficult to keep clean so it is advisable to replace them. 




Airlocks are another inexpensive product that should be periodically replaced. Though it might be easy to assume bacteria is not a concern with airlocks because they do not actually touch your wine, this is not the case. A small increase in temperature could cause your wine to swell and back up into the airlock. It happens often. After you have cleaned your carboy thoroughly, you don't wan to risk your batch over an unsanitary and cheap piece of plastic. 



6.5 stopperStoppers and Bungs 

Bungs and stoppers should also be periodically replaced. They can dry out and harbor bacteria. Stoppers are available drilled for use with airlocks or solid for bulk aging after your wine has fully gassed out. The size 6.5 stopper pictured is made for a 6 or 5 gallon carboy. You can also use universal bungs if you have multiple sized vessels. 




 carboy brushCarboy Brush

Keeping your carboy clean before and after use is key to avoid bacterial infection in your beer and wine. A carboy brush is a great tool to get into those nooks and crannies.  





transfer pumpTransfer Pump

If you make a lot of wine or beer, you may want to consider upgrading your transferring process with a variable speed pump. Save time, heavy lifting and remove the risk of moving full carboys. It makes the transfer process much easier especially if you have to work alone. You'll never have to move a full carboy again. With a maximum flow rate of 3 GPM and a minimum of .8 GPM you can transfer wine or beer with control and precision. It can be used with standard hoses at temperatures up to 130 degrees F and attach right to a racking wand. 



carboy wedgeCarboy Wedge

A carboys wedge is used to tilt the carboy to make siphoning easier and more efficient. Trying to siphon from a carboy without stirring up sediment can be almost impossible. Gently slip the carboy wedge into place to create a low point. This will help you siphon as much wine or beer as possible when you transfer. 




carboy dryerCarboy Dryer 

A carboy dryer is a great and inexpensive tool to speed up and ease your transfer prep process. Dry your carboy safely by simply placing it upside down on the dryer. The carboy dryer can be used with any standard sized carboy.





bottle-washer.pngStainless Steel Carboy and Bottle Washer

Stainless Steel Carboy and Bottle Washer is a convenient way of cleaning your bottles and/or carboys.  This high quality tool will come in handy when cleaning your bottles and carboys.  Hooks up straight to your faucet with the bottle washer adapter (#4804) and puts out plenty of pressure to clean those stubborn stains from wine and beer bottles that have been sitting around. 





The term "carboy" is derived from an ancient Persian word "Qarabah"