Brew-tastic News: Join the Beer Kit Revolution & Make $$$!

Brew-tastic News: Join the Beer Kit Revolution & Make $$$!

Posted by Matteo Lahm on 15th May 2023

Hey there, hoppy friend!

Has the recent boom of microbreweries and DIY beer-making got you dreaming of crafting your own sudsy masterpiece? Well, hold on to your fermenters, because is about to make your brew dreams come true! 

Introducing our latest brainchild: a partnership program that lets *you* create your very own beer kit line, and we're here to help every step of the way. That's right, we're inviting you to be an entrepreneur and share your brewing brilliance with the world! 

Here's how it works:

1. You come up with a fantastic beer recipe idea (we know you've got one brewing in your noggin) 

2. Our expert beer recipe creators will work with you to perfect and replicate it for a kit.

3. We'll bring your vision to life by designing the art for your labels and promotional images.

4. Your beer kit hits the (virtual) shelves of

5. You sit back, relax, and watch as 50% of the net profit flows straight into your Venmo or other mobile payment options.

And the best part? You retain ownership of your kit, and keep making money for the entire length it's sold on our site. It's like having your own little brewery, without the hassle of zoning permits and cranky neighbors!

So come, join us in this great American adventure, where good ideas and collaboration are celebrated and rewarded. Your beer-making prowess deserves to be shared, and we can't wait to see what you'll brew up next. Cheers to entrepreneurship and a hoppy future together!

Ready to get started? Email us at! 

Until next time, stay brew-tiful!

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