​Unmasking the "Free Shipping" Illusion: Why Real Shipping Costs are Your Wallet and Planet's BFF

​Unmasking the "Free Shipping" Illusion: Why Real Shipping Costs are Your Wallet and Planet's BFF

Posted by Matteo Lahm on 6th Apr 2023

Welcome to the twilight zone of "free shipping," where nothing is truly free and you're left wondering if you've been bamboozled. Fear not, Label Peelers has your back with our guaranteed lowest price shipped. Find a better deal? Send us a screenshot and we'll credit your account.

You're a savvy online shopper, always hunting for the best value. But when it comes to "free shipping," Label Peelers dares to be different. Why spill the beans in a blog post? Because we respect you and want to shed light on the murky world of "free shipping."

Sure, "free shipping" sounds as tempting as a chocolate fountain at a dessert buffet. But remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Label Peelers is all about fair business practices, offering the lowest possible price without cutting corners. Our Google customer satisfaction rating of over 99% speaks for itself.

Take a gander at this price comparison for a Winexpert Reserve Grenache wine kit shipped to NJ:

Label Peelers: $138.16 (Price: $118.45 + Shipping: $17.50)

Competitor 1: $164.99 (Price: $151.99 + Shipping: $13.00)

Competitor 2: $150.99 (Price: $150.99 + "Free Shipping")

Competitor 3: $155.40 (Price: $122.99 + Shipping: $32.41)

The math doesn't lie: "free shipping" is a wolf in sheep's clothing. You're still paying for shipping, just indirectly and with worse service. Plus, it's disingenuous and unethical, making you pay for someone else's shipping. Let's call a spade a spade: "free shipping" is a tad socialistic, and that's not Label Peelers' style.

We do make exceptions for products with minimum advertised prices, like Winexpert Private Reserve and Island Mist kits. We can't advertise our best price, so we offer a shipping-included option that might save you some dough.

Paying for shipping also nudges you to consolidate orders, reducing your environmental footprint. Fewer shipments mean lower carbon emissions. And let's be honest, "free shipping" can trigger impulse buys, leading to more waste when unwanted items are returned or tossed.

In a nutshell, "free shipping" is a seductive siren with a dark side. Label Peelers chooses to swim against the current, offering you the best deal without ripping you off. Our guaranteed lowest price shipped is the superhero you deserve, saving your wallet and the planet one shipment at a time.