Muntons Extra Light Dried Malt Extract 1 lb

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Experience the excellence of Muntons Extra Light Dried Malt Extract, a 1 lb bag of premium malt that's perfect for crafting light-colored beers. This malt extract is exceptionally pale in color, even more so than most light malts, making it an excellent choice for creating very pale ales and lagers.

Not only does it offer a beautiful light hue, but it also imparts a milder malt flavor, making it your go-to for the lightest, mildest malt extract. This characteristic allows the other flavors in your beer recipe to shine through, making it ideal for brewers who want to experiment with different taste profiles.

One of the standout features of this dried malt extract is its ability to give your beer more body compared to liquid malts. It contains a slightly higher amount of unfermentable solids, which significantly aids in head retention and enhances the mouthfeel of your beer.

But the uses of Muntons Extra Light Dried Malt Extract extend beyond beer making. It's also a fantastic addition to bread recipes, where it adds a subtle sweetness and improves the texture of your homemade loaves.

In summary, the Muntons Extra Light Dried Malt Extract is a high-quality malt that promises to elevate your beer making and baking experiences. Whether you're a seasoned brewer or a novice baker, you'll appreciate the versatility and quality this malt extract brings to your creations.