Muntons Light Dried Malt Extract 1 lb

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Experience the authentic taste of English malt with Muntons Light Dried Malt Extract. This 1 lb package is perfect for crafting light beers, whether you're following a traditional recipe or experimenting with your own unique brew.

• Light in color: This malt extract will not alter the color of your beer, making it ideal for light ales and lagers.
• Mild malt flavor: It imparts a subtle maltiness, enhancing the overall flavor profile of your beer without overpowering it.
• High in unfermentable proteins: These proteins contribute to a superior mouthfeel and improved head retention in your beer.

You'll appreciate the versatility of Muntons Light Dried Malt Extract. It's not just for beer making. You can also use it in baking to add a distinct malt flavor to your breads and pastries. So, whether you're a home brewer or a baking enthusiast, this malt extract is a valuable addition to your pantry.

Remember, the quality of your ingredients can make or break your end product. With Muntons Light Dried Malt Extract, you're choosing a product that is renowned for its quality and consistency. So, go ahead and elevate your brewing or baking experience with this premium malt extract.