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Briess Torrified Red Wheat is a high-quality malt for beer making. It is a quick-germinating malt that adds a distinct flavor and aroma to beer. This malt is toasted, which gives it a roasted, slightly nutty flavor. The toasting process also increases the grain's enzymatic capabilities, which helps with the mashing process. Briess Torrified Red Wheat adds a unique complexity to your beer, and is a great choice for wheat beers, Belgian White Ales, and other wheat-based styles. It is also perfect for adding head retention and body to your beer. Whether you're making a wheat beer or something else, Briess Torrified Red Wheat is sure to give your beer the flavor and aroma you're looking for.

Briess Torrified Red Wheat 10 Lbs has been heat treated to break the cellular structure, allowing for rapid hydration and allows malt enzymes to more completely convert the starches and proteins. It can be used in place of raw wheat in Belgian style Wit-Beers, also very good for adding body and head, especially to English ales. Since it has not been malted, you can't sub it for malted wheat. Therefore, it needs to be mashed with a diastatic malt in order to convert the starches.

  • Torrified Wheat is short for Insta Grains® Soft Red Wheat Whole Kernel.
  • Heat treated to break the cellular structure, allowing more rapid hydration and malt enzymes to more completely attack the starches and protein.
  • Use up to 40% of the total grist bill.


  • Moisture: 8.5% 
  • Extract: FG Dry Basis 76.0% 
  • Protein: Dry Basis 11.0% 
  • Diastatic Power: oLintner negligible 
  • Conversion Time: <5 min. 
  • Color: 1.5 oLovibond (Degree Lovibond, Series, 52, 1⁄2” Cell)


  • Kosher: UMK Pareve


Best if used within 6 months from date of manufacture. Store at temperatures of <90 F.

  • Brewers Torrified Wheat
  • Brewers Torrified Wheat has been heat treated to break the cellular structure, allowing more rapid hydration and malt enzymes to more completely attack the starches and protein.
  • Brewers Torrified Wheat can be used in place of raw wheat when making Belgian-style White and Wit beers.
  • Advantages over raw wheat include normal conversion time and higher yield.
  • Mill medium coarse.
  • Add to the mash along with the malt.
  • Mash as usual
  • To decrease lautering time, include a small amount of rice hulls.
  • Can be used up to 40% of the total grist bill. 


london-beer-yeast1.png Yeast

Your yeast selection has a big impact on your overall flavor profile and mouthfeel. You have lots of choices that will work well with Briess Torrified Red Wheat.


One Step Cleaner

If you are purchasing Briess Torrified Red Wheat, you're getting ready to make beer and need to wash your equipment. 


Hops is the main bittering agent in beer. You can select from a huge line of hop varietals from Hop Union to suit any brewers needs. The freshest hops for your next homebrewing endeavor. All hops are from YHC.    

brew-pot.pngBrew Pots

The pot pictured is an 8 gallon pot that is perfect for a beer kit or a standard 5 gallon batch. 

wart-chiller.pngWort Chillers and Thermometers

Wort Chillers and Thermometers are long term investments. It is important to chill your wort quickly. The quicker you chill it the stronger the cold break will be. You also need a good thermometer because high powered boiling changes more rapid temperature fluctuations. 


Auto-siphons are a great luxury item to have in your brew equipment. Once you have one you will never go without one again. Don't forget to use a heavy duty sanitizer to clean it since you don't want to replace it as often as hoses. A good sanitizer for that job is Five Star San. 


 If you are using Briess Torrified Red Wheat, you are getting ready to ferment some beer. Here's a link to our fermenter equipment.


 Many people reuse their hoses for far too long. Replacing your hoses often or even using as single use items is highly recommended with beer making. 


Pouring your wort into a carboy can be tricky. Use a big funnel made just for the job. They even have different mesh screens to remove particles.


All that healthy yeast is going to make a lot of gas and you'll be needing an airlock to let it out, and not let anything in. It is recommended to replace airlocks often. Because they never physically touch the beer, the sanitation risk is too often overlooked. Bacteria can spread without physical contact in a closed environment and plastic stubbornly harbors bacteria. 

yeast-starter.pngYeast Starters

Making a yeast starter is a great way to avoid stuck fermentation and also get high yeast counts that allow the final cells to clean up after themselves, reducing off flavors and aromas. Higher populations means less yeast stress and less risk of off-flavors.  They help make better beer and can be used with Briess Torrified Red Wheat. Use the right equipment to make the job easy. Flask, Foam Stopper, and Airlock. 




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