Ingredient Tap Handle With Dual Face Badge

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Enhance your brewery setup with the Ingredient Tap Handle With Dual Face Badge (C3525). This unique piece of brewery equipment is designed to add a touch of personalization and flair to your draft beer faucets.

The Ingredient Tap Handle is a hollow, transparent handle that can be filled with the ingredients used in your brews or any other attractive items. This feature allows you to visually showcase the unique elements of your beer, making it a conversation starter and a point of interest for your customers.

The product also features a dual face badge on top of the handle. This badge can be customized with your logos or other designs, providing an additional opportunity to promote your brand. The dual face design means you can showcase different brands or designs on each side, offering versatility and flexibility.

The Ingredient Tap Handle is made of durable plastic with a chrome-plated cap and badge, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of a busy brewery. The cap is designed for easy pouring of ingredients into the handle.

The product is designed with a standard 3/8" X 16 UNC thread for easy mounting on your taps. It is long and convenient to hold, making it easy to open taps.

With a height of 8.35", this Ingredient Tap Handle is a noticeable and attractive addition to your brewery equipment. Its transparent finish ensures that the contents are clearly visible, adding to its appeal.

Incorporate this Ingredient Tap Handle With Dual Face Badge into your brewery setup and let your beer ingredients and brand shine.


Material: Plastic
Finish: Chrome Plated
Type: Ingredient Tap Handle
Special Features: Dual Face Badge
Finish: Transparent
Thread Size: 3/8" X 16 UNC
Height: 8.35"