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Your Crimson bottle capper is one of the most reliable beer bottle cappers on the market. The magnet secures the bottle cap so you can center the bottle and push down on the handles. this gives you a tight, perfect seal every time.


  • Spring made of Steel
  • Plastic parts made of nylon
  • Steel rivets
  • Smooth operation, with self lubricating materials. Small in size and perfect for tight spaces. Cap holder
  • is magnetic for easy pre-load of the unit. Capper is light weight making it a breeze to operate. Works on most beer bottles.


 one step cleanerOne Step Cleaner

If you reuse your bottles like most, bottling means cleaning. Protect your beer with clean bottles. This powerful alkaline formula works great to remove proteins and other residues. 

five Star SanitizerStar San

Look no further for the right sanitizer for your bottles. Star San will leave your bottles free of bacteria and mold after they are filled and capped by the Crimson Capper. 

beer capCaps

Choose the right cap for your beer bottles. Caps come in different colors and work well with the Crimson Capper. 


If you are buying the Crimson Capper, you're probably getting ready to bottle some beer. 

bottling wandBottling Wand

The Fermtech ProFiller is a good choice for filling your beer bottles.


Best to replace your hoses as often as possible. Beer is especially vulnerable to bacteria and hoses are stubbornly hard to clean. You don't want to go through all the work of filling and capping your bottles only to lose your batch over an inexpensive piece of hose. 


If you're purchasing the capper, you're getting ready to bottle. If you don't have an Auto-Siphon, you might want to consider getting one. Beer makers should never suck on siphoning tubes because of contamination. The auto-siphon is safe to siphon your beer for bottling. 

sugarPriming Sugar

Just in case you are low on priming sugar, here is a link since you're getting ready to bottle your beer. 


Did you know?

Did You Know?

The metal beer keg was invented in 1964 in Great Britain.