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Finer Wine Kits Winery Series

Introducing the Finer Wine Kits Winery Series - a revolutionary product that will elevate your wines to new heights. Your kits are not just a product, but a promise of quality, convenience, and consistency. If you are using kits to make wine at your winery, here's why you should switch to Finer Wine Kits concentrates - superior quality and more options.
Your Winery Series Finer Wine Kit is crafted from the finest California grapes. They undergo a meticulous process of extraction, preserving the rich, authentic flavors of the fruit. This results in concentrates that are pure, potent, and primed to produce exceptional wines. Your concentrates contain nothing but the varietal juices and sulfites. That’s it! Since Finer Wine Kits concentrates are not ultra pasteurized, they have more integral flavor than traditional shelf stable grape juice concentrates. 
Don't just take our word for it. This new product exists because wineries came to us. Some have already made the switch and report significant improvement in their wine quality. One customer review states, "Since switching to Finer Wine Kits, our wines have never tasted better. The flavors are more robust, the aromas more enticing. Our customers have noticed the difference too.”
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