Lactic Acid 88% 32 oz.

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Lactic Acid 88% - 32 oz is a versatile ingredient that can significantly enhance your beer brewing process. This product is particularly useful when you're working with very pale malts, which can easily push your PH well above the ideal 5.2 - 5.4 PH range. With the use of Lactic Acid, you can effortlessly lower the PH, eliminating the need to go through the complex process of making a sour mash for its Lactic Acid properties.

There's a common misconception that the addition of high Lactic Acid malts can result in a beer that's lacking in mouthfeel. However, by controlling the PH with Lactic Acid, you can avoid this issue. The use of Lactic Acid in the production of light-colored beers is a widespread practice, demonstrating its effectiveness.

While there's no set amount of Lactic Acid to use, it's recommended that you use a PH meter for precision. You can then add the Lactic Acid gradually until you reach your desired 5.2 PH range. This approach ensures that you maintain control over the PH level, resulting in a beer that's perfectly balanced in terms of acidity.

In summary, Lactic Acid 88% - 32 oz is a valuable tool in your beer making arsenal. It provides a simple solution to PH control, allowing you to focus on crafting a beer that's rich in flavor and mouthfeel. With this product, you can take your beer brewing to the next level.